Literature for Patients and Medicines

In this section you will find scientific neurooncological, as well as popular fictional books and experience stories. Please note that some publications are only available in German at the time. If you have further literature recommendations for other patients or are familiar with interesting new publications with scientific subjects, feel free to suggest them to us.

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine

The European Association of NeuroOncology (EANO) publishes once a month a scientific magazine. The english speaking issue contains articles about neurooncology, neurosurgery, neurology, neuropathology and radiation therapy. The most read articles are summerazid regularly and published as an online open Access Version. Read it here!


ASCO-News 2018

32.000 Experten aus allen Bereichen der Onkologie in Chicago

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Fortschritte in der Neurochirurgie

Zusätzliche Resektion, Pseudoprogression und vieles mehr

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NOA-Studien 2018

Update klinischer Studien von der NOA-Jahrestagung aus Köln

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