Information for Health Professionals and Patients

Medical journals very often appear to be addressed to health professionals. Which is important, but sometimes leaves out the patients’ demand for equal and additional knowledge. Brainstorm  is an attempt to approach those needs. Brainstorm is not only directed to physicians and scientists, but also to patients with brain tumours and to their relatives. Thus, it is a magazine for diverse audiences - how is that supposed to work? A mix of medical articles, contributions to psychosocial issues, information about clinical trials, personal accounts, interviews with health professionals, advice and tips – combining those topics makes it possible.

The articles about diagnosis and treatment are all written by leading physicians. Hence they are composed in a way that makes them understandable for everyone on the one hand, yet scientific on the other. The contributions are based on state-of-the-art research. Consequently not only patients, but even neurosurgeons can gather knowledge about latest developments in research and treatment options in a compact, scientific and understandable way. Reports on current trialsare helping both health professionals and patients to develop innovative approaches and opportunities for individual brain tumour therapy. The personal accounts are not only informative for patients, but also for physicians interested in patients’ experiences of disease and treatment. Regarding each treatment includes physicians as well as patients, for that reason a journal addressed to both is supposed to facilitate an understanding for each other.

Published by our association, Brainstorm was first released in 2001. At that time, it was nothing but a tiny magazine. However from the beginning onwards, Brainstorm was aimed to provide patients with information enabling them to become competent partners to their doctors, in exchange for raising the doctors' awareness for the concerns and problems of their patients. In conclusion, it is a magazine facilitating to design as successful a therapy as possible.
Brainstorm covers approximately 50 pages and will be sent for free upon request to specialists, patients, anyone interested and medical facilities worldwide. If you would like to order single copies, use our order form or  give us a call under 0049.3437.702 702. Please note that our magazine is only available in German so far.

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