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Giving Hope to Brain Tumour Patients

Your donation will help to improve the life of patients diagnosed with a brain tumour.


We need your help. Every donation counts. Further it’s up to you to decide whether you want to support our projects regularly and become a supporting member, or you would like to transfer a one-time donation. We guarantee using every donation for a good purpose – they are either invested in projects directly supporting brain tumour patients and their families or newest scientific research in this very complex field.

Single Donation

By giving a single donation you’ll help us to accomplish various projects for brain tumour patients and their relatives, which otherwise couldn’t be realised at all or take a very long time to. more

Anniversary Donation

Give patients new hope at the instance of your next anniversary. Let “Donations instead of gifts“ be the slogan of your celebration and ask your guests for a donation in favour of the Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e.V. more

Condolence Donation

By suggesting condolence donations instead of flower or bouquets, you can help other families to brain tumour patients instead. more

Benefit Events

Numerous options to support our work are imaginable. Whether it is a concert, an auction, a sport tournament, a fashion show, a school festival or a commemoration CD- there are virtually no limits for your ideas. more


By paying a regular membership fee you ensure us being able to continue with our ongoing projects in the long run. Furthermore we have something to count on, whereby a certain planning security for many future plans is guaranteed. more

No matter whether once or regularly - every donation helps.


Thank you for your help!



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