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Please note that our magazine Brainstorm is currently only available in German language.

Brainstorm 18

  • Klinische Studien
  • Supportive Therapie
  • Floureszenzgestützte Resektion maligner Gliome
  • Im Gespräch mit dem Präsident der Society for Neuro-Oncology
  • ASCO-Meeting: Neuigkeiten vom weltgrößten Krebskongress
  • Erfahrungsbericht:Diagnose Glioblastom


Brainstorm Nummer 17 - Das Magazin der Deutschen Hirntumorhilfe - Themen u.a. Brachytherapie, Psychoonkologietasen

Brainstorm 17

  • Jod-Brachytherapie
  • Diagnostik und Therapie primärer ZNS-Lymphome
  • Antiangiogene Therapie mit Bevacizumab
  • Psychoonkologische Maßnahmen
  • Interview mit Professor Dr. Michael Weller
  • Erfahrungsbericht: Trotz Krebs auf den Kilimanjaro

Brainstorm 16

  • Brain tumour radiotherapy groundwork
  • Current therapy of brain metastasis
  • EANO- of the grade II gliomas
  • Second opinion
  • Interview with Professor James T. Rutka
  • Congress report of the ASCO annual meeting
  • Experience report: 13 years of glioblastoma

Brainstorm 15

  • Treatment options for gliomas
  • Stereotactic biopsy
  • What is the MGMT status?
  • Interview with Professor Rolf Bjerkvig
  • News from the ASCO-Meeting 2010
  • Acoustic neuroma - Chances of treatment
  • Out-patient palliative care
  • Congress reports

Brainstorm 14

  • Resection of gliomas
  • Medulloblastoma
  • Interview with Prof. M. Berger
  • Chemotherapy
  • Rehabilitation of brain tumour patients
  • News from the ASCO-Meeting 2008
  • Pros and cons of cancer diets
  • Nutrition in case of treatment-related side effects

Brainstorm 13

  • Long-term survival
  • Treatment of cerebral edema
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Debus
  • Tyrosin kinase inhibitors
  • Tumourboards in hospitals
  • New WHO-classification
  • Stress disorders

Brainstorm 12

  • Clinical trials in the field of neurooncology
  • Interview with Prof. Bigner (Duke University)
  • Jod125-seeds for the treatment of brain tumours
  • Photodynamic therapy with 5-ALA
  • Epileptic seizures in brain tumour patients
  • Highlights ASCO 2007
  • Advance directive and durable power of attorney

Brainstorm 11

  • Monitoring in brain tumour resections
  • Interview with PD Dr. R. Stupp
  • Radioimmunotherapy of malignant gliomas
  • Anti-Angiogenic therapy of high-grade gliomas
  • Immunotherapy with dendritic cells
  • Pros and cons of mistletoe therapy
  • Palliative care for brain tumour patients

Brainstorm 10

  • Recurrent therapy of gliomas
  • Recurrent radiation therapy
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Bamberg
  • Laser optical methods for tumour representation
  • Results of 5-ALA Study
  • News from the ASCO-Meeting 2006
  • Psychosocial co-treatment of relatives

Brainstorm 9

  • Supportive therapy
  • Chemotherapy of malignant gliomas
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Westphal
  • Diagnosis with FET-PET
  • Immunotherapy of brain tumours
  • Doctor-Patient-Relationship
  • 5 years glioblastoma

Brainstorm 8

  • Treatment of meningiomas
  • Recurrent radiation therapy of low-grade gliomas
  • Higher brain tumour risk caused by mobile phones?
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Wiestler
  • Boswellia Serrata
  • Drug-releasing Biodegradable Microspheres
  • Patients ask - experts respond

Brainstorm 7

  • Local therapies for brain tumours
  • Interview with PD Dr. med. Rainov
  • Radiosurgery in gliomas
  • PET as a method for diagnosis
  • Psychological influences on oncological diseases
  • News from science and research

Brainstorm Newsletter 2004

  • Genetic characteristics as a prognostic factor
  • Therapy of malignant gliomas with AP12009
  • Efficacy of imatinib and hydroxyurea
  • PTK787/ZK222584 in combination with lomustin
  • Erlotinib in the treatment of recurrent glioblastomas
  • Clinical prognostic factors in patients with glioblastoma

Brainstorm 6

  • Treatment of brain metastasis
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Ostertag
  • New aspects of chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy of brain tumours
  • Prognostic factors in low-grade gliomas
  • News from science and research
  • Clinical trials - hope for patients

Brainstorm 5

  • Supportive therapies
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. med. M. Weller
  • Radio peptid therapy of malignant gliomas
  • Possibilities of chemosensitivity testing
  • Causes for the development of brain tumours
  • Quality of brain tumour resection
  • Epilepsy treatment
  • Epilepsy and driving

Brainstorm 4

  • Radiation therapy of gliomas
  • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery of brain metastasis
  • Interstitial brachytherapy after resection
  • PC vs. PCV chemotherapy of oligodendrogliomas 
  • Resistence factors in the chemotherapy
  • Interview with Dr. med. G. Dresemann
  • Dendritic cell-based therapies for brain tumours
  • Severely handicapped pass

Brainstorm 3

  • 3-D surgical planning and neuronavigation
  • Neuropsychology of brain tumours
  • Psycho-counseling
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. med. S. Vogel
  • Causes and genetics of brain tumours
  • News from medical journals
  • Report of the 9th Brain Tumour Day in Berlin

Brainstorm 2

  • Local chemotherapy of malignant gliomas
  • Patients ask - experts respond
  • Clinical report: stereotactic treatment (Cologne)
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. med. V. Sturm
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Self help and disease management
  • Greetings from Heiko Herrlich

Brainstorm 1

  • Multimodal therapy malignant brain tumours
  • Results of clinical studies
  • Boswellia serreta and traditional medicine
  • Latest news from medical journals
  • Patients and the Internet
  • Regional support for brain tumour patients
  • Patients ask - experts respond


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