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Performance Data

Performance data of hospitals

Who hasn’t experienced how fraught the research for the ideal hospital and doctor can be? The performance data ought to be a help for you finding the best fit. It contains information about the number of special therapies in different hospitals as well as the experiences made with it.

Since 2005, the clinics are obliged (§137 SGB) to publish so called “structured quality reports” by law which include data about the variety of treatments they offer. That way, patients are enabled to get a transparent insight view, compare the information and come to a profound decision.

But indeed crucial problems of implementation are to be observed: Someone looking up “structured quality reports” will be led to confusing tracts of 50 to 150 pages for each clinic. For medical laymen, it is hardly possible to screen the information he or she really needs.

Therefore our working group “performance data” of the German Brain Tumour Association is all over attending to this matter, by researching on important information of all German clinics. This way, they make the data comparable for you. Please call the central information service of the German Brain Tumour Association and ask for the quality reports of the institutions.

Please notice that the performance data is a quantitative indication only, e.g. the number of the consultants, beds or operations of patients with brain tumours. Nevertheless it could be helpful and calming to get an insight to the clinics experiences in special therapy treatments. Patients are thereby prepared with better orientation and the chances for optimised care increase.

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