German Brain Tumour Association

[18.05.2016] Initialised by the Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe, the aim of the World Brain Tumour Day is to direct public attention on this little-known disease. Every year the 8th of June calls for solidarity and appeals to the social responsibility of the politics and the industry. more

[22.03.2016] Even though Christian Erhard was
diagnosed with an Astrocytoma 8 years ago he has
never lost his courage to face life. He wishes to give
hope to other persons affected and wants to collect
donations while cycling around half the world.more

[29.01.2016] Seit 2009 kämpft Alexander gegen einen Hirntumor. Doch trotz zahlreicher Therapien hat der junge Mann sein großes Ziel nicht aus den Augen verloren – einmal an einem Ironman teilzunehmen. Dieses Jahr soll es nun soweit sein. mehr

[03.07.2015] The young Austrian Nadine had the idea
for a creative benefit performance. The talented amateur
photographer offers individual photo shoots for everybody.
The earnings are meant to help brain tumour patients.
Find more about the project here.

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