Brain Tumour

Finding a cure for Brain Tumours - as fast as possible

Every year more than 7000 people in Germany are diagnosed with an malignant brain tumour.  In addition a large number of tumour patients suffer from brain metastases, that e.g. that have spread from another part of the body.

Malignant brain tumours are particularly difficult to treat. In fact, in the majority of cases, they are still incurable. Frequently, the state of shock and confusion after being confronted with the diagnosis is compounded by concerns about the future, such as the consequences of the necessary treatment. Anxiety may be worsened by deficits in information, advisory and psychological services. Ultimately, this lack of information leaves patients feeling helpless and can lead to missing out on innovative therapies that are available as a consequence.


As for today, an ideal interdisciplinary cooperation of medical specialists involved in the treatment of brain tumours, has only been put into practice at a small number of hospitals.

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