Ionised Radiation against Brain Tumours

In this kind of therapy high-energy radiation (such as photon-radiation) is used to interfere with the poliferation of the tumour cells and inhibit growth.


Accelerated, high-energy radiation is pointed on the tumour and can harm the genotype of the cells. Tumour tissue is more sensitive to radioation than normal tissue. This feature is used in the treatment with radiotherapy. This way principally tumour tissue is damaged while the normal tissue is spared.


Radiotherapy follows a radiation plan and is either conducted as monotherapy or in combination with surgery or chemotherapy treatment. It can be given in several sessions or in one single one (radiosurgery). The following devices and processes are available for radiotherapy:

  • linear accelerator (e.g. IMRT, cyberknife, tomotherapy)
  • gamma knife
  • seed implantation

Experimental Practice

    • particle therapy
    • radioimmunotherapy
    • Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)


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