Neuroblastoma are embryonic tumours that arise from neural tissue. They are the third most frequent malign malformation in children and can occur in various parts of the body, also in the entire central nervous system.

Histology of Neuroblastoma

  • arise from neural tissue
  • can occur in entire nervous system
  • are classified as WHO grade IV (malign)


Epidemiology of Neuroblastoma

    • usually in childhood, also in infants


      Symptoms of Neuroblastoma

        • depending on localisation in body
        • tumours in the CNS can cause neurological defects


            Diagnosing Neuroblastoma

              • with CT or MRI
              • clearly defined lesion
              • frequently frontal or frontoparietal localisation
              • often combined with anemia

                  Therapy of Neuroblastoma

                      • depending on patient´s age and localisation of tumour
                      • if possible complete surgical removal
                      • possibly chemotherapy
                      • possibly radiotherapy


                          Therapy of Recurrent Neuroblastoma

                            • if possible reoperation
                            • possibly chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy


                                Aftercare of Neuroblastoma

                                  • postoperative MRI approximately 48 hrs after surgery
                                  • first every 3 months MRI/CT


                                    Course of  Neuroblastoma

                                    • tendency to recurrence


                                    Prognosis of Neuroblastoma

                                        • unfavorable prognosis
                                        • determined by molecular biologocal factors

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